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With a wealth of traditions, art forms, and diverse cultures, Earth stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and endurance of its people. Through their collective efforts, the inhabitants have thrived from continuous innovation and discovery, pushing the boundaries of knowledge through scientific breakthroughs and technological leaps.




Etched by the unceasing forces of nature, Idanar's regions are a testament to the raw power of the elements. Its landscape, a vast expanse of fiery sands and labyrinthine canyons, boasts a spectacle of harsh extremes. Towering above, colossal rock formations rise, their imposing silhouettes standing as ancient sentinels against the horizon.




Untouched by human presence for generations, Mirahda enjoys sprawling landscapes with its majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, and sprawling meadows. An untamed beauty of nature. But beneath this serene facade, a mystery lurks, veiled by the shadows of the ancient forests.





The bustling village, Nontuk, is embraced by a rain-drenched landscape, its tall buildings hover over the streets, providing shelter to the local Vihr. At the heart of the city rests the Corum sanctum, a place where eager invokers can gather for recruitment.




An intricate network of elevated train tracks weaves through the urban landscape, connecting the districts on the world of Pralore. The extraordinary city of Sha Tigas, pulsating with life and light, is a shining beacon of the Vihr's technology and engineering




Perched atop a colossal rock formation at the heart of a deep crevice, the highkeep is one of many governmental establishments throughout Kaljerian territory. Within its walls, the conservator ensures the smooth functioning of Diberran's society, implementing policies and safeguarding the welfare of its citizens. 





Near the city of Dhenor lies one of the esteemed holds of the Invoker Corum. Despite being relatively new, the Naederis Hold is a thriving center for aspiring initiates and adept regents. The climate on this Sorian world is very mild, providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for its inhabitants. 




One of the more populated Kaljerian planets, Xerekehis the ideal destination for the urban life. With its high-tech industries and innovative businesses, this planet boasts a thriving economy and an abundance of entertainment options. 




Home to the Maiseer Hold, this world within the Vihr territory evokes an unmatched sense of wonder and beauty. The continuous nature of the hold and the planet as a whole has created a unique environment of harmony and balance. Those who visit Maiseer often find solace in its tranquil atmosphere.





With its vast population and strategic location, Kaljere serves as the central hub for communication and connection with other Kaljerian worlds. It is here where decisions that will shape the destiny of the Kaljerian Nation are made.




A beautiful world that hosts a paradise-like climate, Soria serves as one of the main headquarters for the esteemed Invoker Corum. With its stunning landscapes and inviting atmosphere, the planet draws countless invokers from all over, who eagerly flock to its capital each year.

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