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Greetings, fellow invokers!

If you've found your way to this page, it's clear you're curious about the minds behind the Worlds of Eternity series. We're happy to share a bit about ourselves, but we're even more excited to delve into the origins and future of our sci-fi/fantasy series.


You might be wondering why there are two authors with the same last name. Are we identical twins? Maybe. Or one of us might be an illusion. But who's the real one? Even we're not sure anymore. And please, don't ask who's older. We've lost track. But enough about us, let's talk about Worlds of Eternity!


How did you come up with the idea for the series?


Well, like all creative ideas, it came from a dream. Literally. A dream that one of us had over 25 years ago. The specifics aren't important. What matters is that it planted the seed for everything that followed. Over the years, we've brainstormed, developed characters, and crafted their stories. It wasn't until we decided to create a larger universe that we penned our first book, published on Amazon in August 2015.


Wait, isn't the first book just now being published in 2024?


As we worked on the second book, being new at writing and editing, our technique had improved significantly. We decided to revisit the first book and enhance its quality. As we couldn't afford an editor, we took it upon ourselves to improve our craft. The result? A book twice the size of the original, and one we're incredibly proud of. Another fun fact about us: our astrology sign is Scorpio. We strive for perfection, a trait that can be both a blessing and a curse when writing a sprawling book saga.


How many books do you plan for the Worlds of Eternity series?


Currently, we have two. The second book's first draft is complete but needs to be heavily edited. As for the total number of books, we prefer to keep that under wraps. But rest assured, we're fully committed to the series and have a lot in store. We've conceived other stories outside the WoE universe, but chose not to pursue them. Thus, you won't be finding other books written by us. Our focus is solely on giving our fans the series they deserve.


Is there a way to stay updated on the latest news?


You might have noticed we're not very active on social media. That's because we've been pouring all our energy into getting the first book out and setting up this website. A lot of hard work has been put into the art and layout. We believe the site is crucial in showcasing the breadth of our series, by giving fans a peek into our imagination. Eventually, we'll devote more time to social media, but for now, this website will keep you in the loop.


What's next?


In short, we're working on the second book, "Hidden Conflict". If you loved the first book, we're confident you'll be equally as intrigued and taken in by the next one. The release date depends on our availability. We both have full-time jobs to pay the bills and can only work on the series whenever time allows. Our passion for what we’ve created is what drives us to continue. We'll be updating the site with any new information as soon as we can. If you have any questions you’d like to ask, please feel free to send us a message.


A final note to our fans:


We are leaving a tip jar for those who want to further express their love and appreciation for our work, or simply have some spare change burning a hole in their pockets. We will always be grateful for your contributions and can not wait to give back with more future content.


Eternity watch over and guide you, fellow invokers.

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