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Across the vast expanse of Eternity, the name "Sorians" has resonated through the ages as an enduring identifier for the human race.

With resolute determination, they have emerged as one of the central pillars in shaping the Invoker Corum.



The Vihr race embodies a delicate balance between their steadfast fighting spirit and their carefree, lighthearted demeanor. As neighbors to the Sorians, the Vihr have forged powerful bonds of friendship, cementing their status as trusted and loyal allies.



Scarred by the wounds of history, the Kaljerians are a race that harbors an inherent wariness towards outsiders, viewing them with suspicion and skepticism. They have built a society that thrives on independence and self-preservation, relying solely on technology for advancement and sustainability. 



Known for their reserved nature, the Qitanii hold a position of great influence and reverence within the Invoker Corum. Their collective experiences have become a reservoir of wisdom, guiding their actions and shaping their understanding of Eternity.

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