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In the realm of Eternity, magic is shaped by three fundamental aspects: Physical, Mental, and Astral. Each invoker is bound to a single aspect, unable to access the other two. Study the different magics below and find out which aspect resonates with you the most.






Enhance magic bestows physical invokers with augmented attributes, enabling them to surpass the limitations of ordinary beings. With increased strength, they can effortlessly lift heavy objects that would ordinarily require a team of individuals to move. Along with swift agility and heightened senses, enhance magic grants their bearer a significant advantage in any situation.




The art of elemental magic empowers its wielders to tap into the raw and untamed forces of nature itself.  Physical invokers are able to command the primal energies of fire, water, air, and others alike. Channeling this magic either allows devastating destruction upon their foes or providing much-needed assistance to those who require it.




With conversion magic at their command, physical invokers possess the power to effortlessly bend and twist various substances to their whim. Solid metal becomes as malleable as clay under their skilled hands, allowing them to reshape it into intricate and complex forms. They can also transmute one substance into another, manipulating the properties and composition of matter on a fundamental level.






By harnessing this extraordinary power, mental invokers can become masters of persuasion, effortlessly influencing the thoughts, emotions, and actions of those around them. As members of the Corum, invokers are tasked with the responsibility of discerning when and how to employ subjection magic appropriately.




With perception magic, mental invokers can alter the reality of others, manipulating their senses, controlling what they see and hear. It is a perfect tool for deception. The illusions conjured aren't solid, though, and cannot affect their targets physically.




Through the mastery of abstractive magic, mental invokers can skillfully navigate the human mind, extracting information that may be crucial to their mission. This ability can also work in reverse, allowing essential knowledge to be shared to the linked mind of their subject.






This particular magic gives astral invokers the power to traverse short distances instantaneously. They are also able to phase their bodies, effortlessly passing through solid barriers. Locked doors, impenetrable walls, or even tightly sealed containers are no match for these wielders of dimension magic.




Within the intricate web of aether that flows through all living beings, essence magic grants its users the ability to channel vital energy into another. Through their skilled guidance, astral invokers can mend wounds, soothe ailments, and restore balance to the body and spirit. 




By applying dynamic magic, astral invokers can seamlessly fuse their own aether to the aether surrounding them. With a mere thought and a simple gesture, they are able to command the ethereal energy to move or lift objects without the need for physical touch.

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